Looking Forward into 2018...

As we begin our new year and Term 1 there are a number of things we have considered to ensure that the year goes smoothly. We are due to begin build works on site later this term so we have emptied some rooms out and located classes into our Hall and Library. Teachers in these new spaces have worked really hard to ensure that their rooms are organised and look inviting to our students and whanau. The response today has been very positive. The build opportunities give us many chances to put our voice into the design so we have tried hard to remain true to our context and what we believe about best practice. This has meant that our teachers work in pairs to maximise the building of relationships with our students. Many of our classes have remained with the same cohort of friends and the same teachers to build on that smooth transition at this time of the year. We have considered also minimising clutter, the use of materials and making our spaces inviting.

 Our two Staff only days have had us engaging in conversations about our programmes and practice, ensuring that  we are clear about our direction and focuses for the year. We have had our Lead Team presenting workshops on many things including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Boys Literacy, Unpacking our Programmes and Character Strength teaching. It is always great for our Support staff as well as our teaching staff to be involved in learning.

So now we get into our classes and head into the practice of doing the best job we can for our students. Watch this space...!


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