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Looking Forward to Next Practice

So as a Lead Team and school we are currently rethinking our curriculum and programmes to better align with our vision of future learners. We are exploring research around how children's brains develop, what has an impact on risk factors and how we can strengthen our students as successful learners, as well as the power of the Arts as one of our key principles in the Hundred Languages.

At the weekend some of us were fortunate enough to attend a conference in Auckland around where to after National Standards. The presenters at the event are some of New Zealand's leading educators and schools. The pleasing thing for our conversations was how in line with their thinking we are at Bromley in the direction we want to take our students in. For us it was an affirmation that we now have more freedom to design learning around the whole curriculum and that this is backed up by research.

In our programmes we have this year been encouraged to have a play with how we teach across the curric…

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