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What is being culturally responsive?

Here at Bromley we have had a number of conversations around how we can be more responsive to the cultures of our students and whanau. There are a number of documents which tell us what it means to be good at this as teachers. As a school with  30% identifying as Maori and about 10% as Pasifika with the remainder being predominantly European, it is a challenge sometimes to feel like all needs are being met. With a Maori hui and Pasifika talanoa planned for this week for our parent communities, their voices will be important to help us shape how well we respond culturally. However in light of recent events here in Christchurch it may be a good time to ask ourselves how are we being responsive to our whole community as we deal with another very traumatic event in our landscape? Following our three hour lockdown on Friday afternoon, we have approximately 90 students away from school today. As a staff how do we meet the needs of those students who are here and for those away, over th

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