At Bromley School the Lead Team is made up of the Principal. Deputy Principal, and Team Leaders. They are released each Thursday to meet and collaborate. The fact that this is a valued and strategic action means that resourcing of release time is put into place to allow this collaboration to occur. Our Guiding principles highlight that relationships are key to our success and making time to establish and foster positive relationships is key to both student- teacher collaboration, teacher to teacher collaboration and within team collaboration. We allow opportunities to all staff to find and lead through their skills and passions. This means that a one size fits all job description is unnecessary, instead developing an opportunity for all to lead in an area with support. Our support staff are also encouraged to be involved in this.

The qualities that make a great leader have been a topic of conversation recently and were highlighted last week when we were lucky enough to host the Prime Minister. Jacinda Adern was very personable, knowledgeable and showed a genuine desire to engage with both adults and children. Maybe these 3 qualities should start off our list of what makes a great leader.... I wonder what other qualities we will add!


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