Where are we going?

Our beginning of the year thinking has been dominated by our need to relook at our school's Vision and Mission statements. Are they what we still believe? Do they provide a clear focus for us as a school community from the student right through to the family? So with the Board, the Lead team has revisited and modified the statements to make them more "usable" while still maintaining all the ideas in our original statements. Once these were clear for us, our Strategic goals were pulled out and outcomes for the next two years have been identified. We are in the process of consulting now with our community for their feedback.

Although we are very proud of the draft documents produced, what has been equally as satisfying is the way which all voices have had input and the level of collaboration that has happened along the process. From the initial ideas on paper to the drafting on a big whiteboard then the editing as we refine and add or delete, the conversations with staff both deliberately and incidentally, to the creation of a stunning visual document. The consultation with whanau which is happening as a video will be pushed out via digital technology, and has been produced to engage as many parents as possible and a portal for feedback and input readied.

By the time our consultation is finished we will have a rich document that represents what Bromley School is and where we are going. It will provide a living framework to see us move forward into the future confident that we will remain a forward thinking, dynamic and inclusive school.


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