An Inspiring Environment

One of the things we are proud of in our place, is the way that we as  a staff try to make the environment inside our rooms inviting and beautiful. This is strongly influenced by our Reggio inspired principles and what we believe about the environment being a calm and engaging place to be and having a role as the third teacher. The use of natural materials, the natural and subtle lighting, the documentation of learning stories with our walls talking of our students all contribute to us being unique.

Tonight we a have a learning exhibition evening where our parents and families are invited to come into the classrooms with their children as an opportunity for their children to celebrate their learning for the term. One of the things that strikes me on these evenings is the effort our teachers go to to make their spaces inviting and how the adults often comment positively on the feel of these spaces.

 In addition to our Exhibition evening this week, we are also now well underway with our building redevelopment. How this impacted on our philosophy was a key part of our masterplanning stage and we were very clear about how important our spaces are and how they are used.
As our building process continues we are very interested to see our evolving environment becomes even more true to our context.

The main challenge we have over this build process is to continue to provide beautiful classrooms and outdoor areas that invite and provoke thinking. Although it will be more difficult as classes move around the school through the year, we will endeavour to continue to make sure that our principles are not forgotten!

In 2019, we look forward to an even more inspiring environment both inside our spaces and outside them.


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