Being Connected

One of our Values celebrated at Bromley School is being Connected. This has been evidenced in the last few weeks as a school by visitors that we have had. Last week we hosted a visitor from Japan who was looking at our use of digital technology and comparing it to how schools in Japan are using it, which surprisingly is very little currently. She was extremely impressed with how far we are along as a school and within the NZ Curriculum. She commented on the freedom that our students have over their learning and how they are learning. This was interesting and encouraging as we are trying to create global citizens for the future.
We were also asked to host a group of principals from the North Island who are in the process of establishing brand new schools. These lead teams visited Bromley and a number of new schools around Christchurch. Their conversations were also interesting as they discussed the enormity of what they need to do as a brand new school as far as buildings, staff, pedagogy and creating culture. They were also excited about the challenge and the opportunity to create something for them in their context and having the freedom and support to do that. We are excited to remain connected to these professionals to learn more as they continue their journey.
We are hosting another group from a visiting Auckland school later in the month who are very interested in our Reggio Inspired Guiding Principles. They connect to us through our pedagogy and beliefs about teaching and learning. We look forward to learning from them as well.
So as important as encouraging and providing opportunities for our students to be connected is, it is equally important for us as professionals to remain connected with colleagues from whom we can continue to learn. And hopefully they may also learn from us!


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